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"Time stood still. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t swallow, I couldn’t think. Poor health was my worst nightmare and this phone call just solidified that my health was at risk. I still had so many questions but my anxiety hindered any movement."


At the age of 24, Kashmir leaves home on a one-way ticket to live abroad in Hanoi, Vietnam. She becomes an English teacher, lives with other expats and falls in love with a South African man named Brad. She finds thrill in her new life but little does she know that her true journey wouldn’t only be a worldly one, but a medical one. After nine months of living abroad and suffering from debilitating migraines, she finally flies back home to seek medical attention. It’s then when she learns that she has an AVM—a cluster of blood vessels on her occipital lobe ready to burst.


Read her story to hear how Kashmir fights for not only her physical life, but for her mental one. This is a collection of her journal entries that tell her story.

Paperback and Ebook available now on Amazon!


With every book purchased, I will donate a small portion of profits to the Joe Niekro Foundation, an organization that promotes AVM and aneurysm awareness. 

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