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AVM Survivor



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“This book blew me away. Kashmir’s story is breathtaking. Her experiences traveling will leave you amazed, the fight she endures with both her mental and physical well-being leave you on the edge of your seat, and her intense desire to care for all others above herself will leave you heart-warmed. This book is well written and from the beginning will keep you captivated."

"Rarely do we get an autobiographical story so compelling and riveting as this book. It feels as though we are standing along side of Kashmir at every turn of her journey. The good and the bad are laid out bare for us to see; no secrets are kept from us. Her heart-wrenching medical story lets us experience all her very personal highs and lows in a way that's unforgettable. A truly inspirational story.”

"I could not put this book down! An unbelievable combination of travel adventures, medical marathon, raw mental health struggles, endearing moments and triumphant times, this journal of Kashmir’s actual life experiences and reflections on them are a must read!"

About me

My story doesn't begin at brain surgery. It began when I left USA for the first time ever at 20 years old. I packed my bags and left on a solo six month adventure to study abroad in Santiago, Chile. This is where I stumbled upon my passion for travel.


It's been nearly a decade of long term travel that I'm grateful that I still get to do. Having an AVM didn't stop me, but it definitely put a hold on things. 

After finding out I had an AVM, I had one month to prepare for brain surgery. The AVM was on my occipital lobe and the risks of surgery included going blind. It was all very shocking but I stayed strong and knew that this cluster of blood vessels had to be removed ASAP. I looked at it like just another adventure!



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